Stuff and The Weekly To Do List

The mushrooms are multiplying in the yard. And not just our yard, either, but in surrounding yards. It’s like an alien invasion. They start out small, then overnight they grow epically. :hide:

We got new seats for the Harley. My ass is appreciative. And our helmets came in. Makes for an interesting ride wearing helmets. Definitely safer, but my view is blocked by Charlie’s helmeted head now. I’ll have to adjust. And I’ve decided I hate being on the bike on the freeway. Hate. It. Other than that, riding is great. :charlie:

I did pretty good on last week’s To Do list. Better than I anticipated, actually, considering everything else going on. This week I’ve got to focus on word count for A Demon Is Forever. Must finish that book!

To Do List:

1. 15,000 words on A Demon Is Forever

2. Work on workshop for local RWA group presentation next weekend.

3. Shop for Mother in law’s birthday gift.

4. Website updates.

That’s it for me this week. What’s on your To Do List?