Conversations with my characters

Jaci: You two are not having sex again and that’s final!

Nic: *Pulling open the shower curtain* Wanna bet?

Jaci: *finger on delete button*

Shay: *affecting pout* Oh come on! This is the last time before the climactic scenes. We won’t get any for a reallllly lonnnnng time!

Jaci: *shakes head*. Not my problem. I’m on deadline and sex isn’t plotted here.

Nic: *snorting* Too bad. As you can see, we’re having it.

Jaci: Do you expect me to cover my eyes?

Nic: No. We know what a voyeur you are. You like to watch.

Jaci: *gasping* I do not!

Shay: *turning to Nic* You like an audience, don’t you? You perv. *Pulls shower curtain closed*

Jaci: Hey! Get out of there you two! I need to move this plotline forward. No sex! Do you hear me? NO SEX!

Shay: I can’t hearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Jaci: :dammit: I’m killing both of them at the end of this book.