Search Engine Key Phrases

Shan does these periodically on her blog and they crack me up. I’ve run across some really interesting ones on my stats so thought I’d share. These are the search engine phrases people use to get to my website, though some of these I have NO idea how they ended up at my site:

Search engine key phrases

In book guy puts cologne on his balls – not in any of MY books they don’t

Dominatrix pays – huh…I always thought you paid them

wife caught me cheating and she had my toenails painted – that’ll teach you!

his massive cock hung in the sand – bet that hurt

wifes shapely legs – why thank you babe! 😉

how to tell him you love him for the first time – ummm…how about “I Love you” ???

sexy she males bull – Well. Transgender bulls. Learn somethin’ new every day.

maria is kinky – Way to go all you Maria’s out there!

I saw him naked and wanted him badly – Clearly they were visualizing Wesley Snipes…or Gerard Butler…or Ryan Reynolds….or…well you fill in the fantasy of your choice.

making a living writing romance ellora s cave – Yes. You definitely can!

bound and flogged – hehehehehe….Charlie, was that an invitation?

lover awakened for sale – Yes, by J.R. Ward. On Sept 5th. Go get it. Awesome book!

his cock expanded – I sure as hell hope so!

packed her mouth gagged – ummmm. Ack.

holiday pussy – Does that come gift wrapped?

interesting facts about me blog Shannon – You doing my PR now, Shan?