The Village Idiot Speaks

Wow, was it a really long ass holiday weekend or what?

Good in a lot of ways, but very quiet in blog land. Okay, so I missed all the blogging. I was online a lot and working, so I was lonely *g*.

But we did take one day and go to the water park. That was a blast. Admittedly, I’m still a kid at heart even if my body doesn’t think so. Hmph. Had fun, lolled around in the wave pool and floated down the lazy river. Saved the rollicking bullet and slides for the teens. Got sunburned, of course. It’s hot here 😉

The new gas grill rocks! We made steaks and grilled veggies. Yum. I need more grilling recipes. Send them on if you have them 😀

Finally finished my Berkley Heat proposal for the second book, but not without a little help from my friends. Hence the “village” part of my blog. Because it definitely took a village to plot this freakin book. There’s a suspense angle to this story and that’s so not my strong suit. I needed assistance to avoid the TSTL heroine and the lamest plot in existence. Many thanks to Shan and Angie for their ideas and ability to see what I simply couldn’t, plot-wise. It really does take a village sometimes. Kisses!

Now I’m editing an EC book. That’s going….well, it’s going. Nuff said on that topic for now. *g*

I’m itching to get into A Demon Is Forever. As soon as I finish edits and tweaking the Berkley proposal, I’m diving into ADIF. Can’t. Wait.