Secret Society Girl by Diana Peterfreund

Secret Society Girl by Diana Peterfreund

Amy Haskell is just finishing up her junior year at Ivy League college Eli University. She has her life well planned out. Summer’s coming and she has a great, potentially resume-boosting internship lined up. She’s pretty sure she’s about to be tapped into a literary secret society. She has a great sorta kinda boyfriend who’s not really a boyfriend, which suits her just fine. She adores all her friends. Life is good.

But when she’s tapped into a very different secret society….THE society of all societies – Rose and Grave – she wonders if it’s a mistake – or even a prank. Because first off, Rose and Grave doesn’t admit females, and second, they only tap the very best, the upper echelon…and Amy’s certain she doesn’t fit the bill.

Thus begins the adventures of Amy Haskell in Secret Society Girl. And adventures there are many.

This is such a great book!

Diana graciously gave me an ARC of this book, and I read it while on a road trip with my twenty-something son recently. Now I’m long past the college years….LOOOOONG past the college years, yet it didn’t matter. I laughed, I chuckled, I raised an eyebrow at the antics. I railed at the injustices and stomped my feet. I cheered and rolled my eyes at Amy’s ‘lists’. I even read passages aloud to my son while he was driving, who smiled and nodded and said ‘that’s so right’, since he’s not too long out of college. I had FUN reading this book. It’s a mix of chick lit and adventure and suspense and romance (I have some thoughts about the romance angle…Amy has some pretty interesting choices *g*) – something for everyone to delight in. You can’t go wrong when you pick up Secret Society Girl and I highly recommend it. It’s one of the best reads of the summer and I can’t wait for the sequel!