The Method to the Madness…i.e. Writing

So Shannon asked me in the comments to my blog post below about my method for writing.

She’s been a writing whirlwind lately, experimenting with writing sans editing. The ‘don’t look back’ method. I think it’s working for you, isn’t it Shannon?

My method is a weird mix of sometimes I write without editing, sometimes I edit every freakin paragraph until I make myself insane. But in all honesty, I think it’s is a blend of both the nonstop don’t edit it variety and the meticulous edit as you go.

Does that make sense? Probably only to me *g*

As I sat and pondered my writing style (which always scares me when I do that), I realized that I’ll typically knock out a few pages, then go back and add a few sentences here and there. Typically I don’t edit, per se…I add. I’ll forget something I wanted to put in and if I don’t add it right now, with my overfilled brain, it’s hasta la vista baby.

I probably have the lousiest writing method on record. But it works for me. I can’t seem to write nonstop without looking back because if I stop for the night and open up my document the next day, or God forbid I should take a day off in between, I have no idea where I left off. So I have to go back and reread. And if I go back and reread, then I find something else to add. But I try to leave the editing ’til later, because I’m going to edit anyway.

Though I might sneak in a tweak or two.

I really want to try the no-edit, don’t-look-back method. Maybe with ADIF.

So, like Shannon, I’m really curious about everyone’s writing style. Are you ‘hands off’ or ‘fix it now’? Tell me tell me.