Shopping For Nationals

So I hit the mall today.

I bought underwear.

Hardly something I’ll be showing off publicly at Nationals, though I do tend to wear tank tops with the peeking bra strap. Trendy? Probably not this year. Cooler than wool? You betcha *g*

It’s HOTlanta. If it’s anything like O-myGodisithot-klahoma right now, we’re talking the fires of hell kinda hot. I’m not dressing up. I’m thinking skirts, capris, summer dresses, sleeveless tops and I’ll bring a sweater in case there’s an arctic workshop. I’m all about the casual. I’ll dress fancy for the publisher soirees.

I read somewhere in blogland that you have to pick and choose your clothes carefully because the fashion police will be watching, critiquing everything everyone wears. Do people really scour the crowds and pick on what other people are wearing? Unfreakin believable.

I never paid the slightest attention to what everyone else wore last year. If you aren’t running around in sweats or gym shorts, then I think you’ll look fine. Dress comfortably. Leave the pantyhose at home so they don’t melt on your legs. It’s going to be 9000 degrees there and you’re going to be packed in with 2000+ women (mostly women, anyway). So not the time for the business suit and hose. Unless you dig the whole business suit and pantyhose and high heels look– then by all means, go for it. I promise not to make fun of you. I’ll leave that up to the fashion police, though they’ll probably be too busy picking on me because my bra strap will be showing *g*