Fun With Rejections

Angie does a great thing on her blog called Teaching Tuesdays. Since she’s also an editor for Samhain Publishing, she puts up a blog every Tuesday with teaching tidbits about the industry. Yesterdays was about Rejection.

Nobody likes to have their book rejected, but most of us have been there done that, probably more than once from either a publisher, agent or both. For an awesome detailed editorial viewpoint on rejection and how it can help you grow as a writer, go read Angie’s blog (link above)

However, I thought I’d have a little fun with rejections today and lighten it up a little. For those who’ve received the dreaded rejection letter, like me, sometimes you shake your head and search for meaning. Sometimes there is no meaning. Sometimes they’re infuriating, hysterically funny and just downright ridiculous.

These aren’t actual rejections….I might have taken a rather tongue-in-cheek approach. And thanks to Mandy for her input. hehehe.


I really loved this, I just don’t know what to do with it. (Uhhh you could publish it)

Your plot was great, characterization was right on, fast paced, high concept and eminently marketable. But I just didn’t love it. (Right, cuz it has all those ‘flaws’. Doh!)

This didn’t work for us. (Because……..?????)

Thank you for being so patient while we’ve had your book the past 18 months. Unfortunately, we bought a story exactly like yours. Yesterday. (Of course. Tell me this hasn’t happened to you at least ONCE)

My assistants’ second cousin’s brother’s uncle got this back to me and didn’t feel it would fit within our agency. Thank you for waiting 2 years to hear back from us. (Oh no problem. I didn’t really want to publish that book anyway. It’s merely a paperweight on my desk)

Twenty-four people in our publishing house read your book. Twenty-three people thought it was stellar and recommended it, but our Senior editor hated everything she read that day so we can’t buy it (That makes perfect sense to me. No really, I totally understand. NOT)

However, we’d be happy to look at something else from you….. (*whimper*)

So c’mon….share some classics with me. I’m doing copyedits and need a laugh today *g*