Packing and Hitting The Road

Packing sucks.

I need new shoes.

We’re heading out tomorrow because we’re going to visit a friend of my husband’s in Atlanta. Did I mention we’re driving? Twelve or thirteen glorious hours in the car. Bleh.

I love the time I spend at conferences. It’s the whole preparing to go and getting there that I loathe. Travel is tedious and tiresome.

And packing really does suck. *g*

But I do have a really cool converter which will allow me to hook my laptop into the car and use it without having to rely on the battery, so I’m hoping for some writing time. Though car trips make me sleepy, so we’ll see.

Did I mention how much packing sucks?

I’ll be back online sometime Monday night when we hit the hotel. When I’ll have to unpack.

Unpacking sucks. 😉