My Plot Is A Zombie

Or maybe it’s a vampire. Or the Plot From The Black Lagoon. It’s the Back From Hell plot.

It’s a creature of the undead. The plot that would not die.

I had an easier time birthing my two children than I’ve had plotting this freaking monster

I’m talking about the Berkley Heat proposal that I thought I’d finished.

Notice I said I thought I had finished it.

But oh no. The great and powerful Shan (thank you thank you thank you again, darlin’) found a giant, gaping, drive a semi-truck through it plot hole (and may I just say…thank God for your friends who are willing to take a look at your work and say….WTF is this shit? *g*). Okay, so there were enough holes in it that I just decided to chuck the entire thing. It needed more than a little tweaking. It was too complex for this line.

But Mandy and Shan and Mel have been helping me. Through several versions, in fact…lol

I’m now working on version 5 of this plot. I’m overcomplicating it. This needs to be hot and sexy and I keep adding suspense to it. I can’t help it. I want it to be romsuspensey, dammit. I will make this work! (Me? Obsessed much?)


I should just do a sex resort.