So….No Blogging From Nationals For Me

We left yesterday morning early for the long drive to Atlanta. After 6 hours we’d gotten just south of Memphis when my husband got a phone call from his sister, announcing that his father was in really bad shape. Like bad enough that the doc said for her to call us home. (Dad’s been in a nursing home for awhile).

Needless to say we turned the car around and headed back home. (Nothing like driving for 12 hours and ending up back in the same place you started *g*).

Turns out Dad has an ecoli infection that is reallllly bad and affecting his kidneys, and he had a heart attack. Things are still up in the air, so no convention for me this year and no blogging from Nationals.

To everyone going, have a blast, and definitely have a nice tall drink for me. I’ll need it 😉

I’ll be checking out all the bloggers for convention news!