Getting Things Done

So I’ve been blogging about reading lots of books (which I have been doing *g*)

I’ve also been buying lots of books, too. But I’ll talk about those ….uhhh later.

I’ve actually been kicking some serious writing ass lately.

I had finished up my novella contribution to the Ellora’s Cave upcoming hardcover book and turned that in about a week ago. I’m doing one of my Devlin Dynasty werewolves for that book and I’m really happy with the story. Love those wolfies *g*.

Last weekend I finished an Ellora’s Cave book that I had started, believe it or not, a year ago. *gasp*. Unheard of for me, but other commitments and ‘stuff’ happened and I put this one aside. I finally opened the file and knocked out the rest of it and turned it in this week. I’m SO excited because I haven’t had an EC book release in awhile. It’s the sequel to Bound to Trust, my futuristic BDSM. Titled Demand to Submit, it’ll be out…well I dunno when it will be out, but I’ll keep y’all posted. 🙂

Then, instead of going back to A Demon Is Forever I decided to go ahead and plot out my second Berkley HEAT single title since that’s due in about a month. Tentatively titling it Born to Be Wild. Isn’t that a great title? Hey, a Harley is featured prominently in the plotline…the title just fit. *g* I’m having fun with this plotline, though the romantic suspense angle in it is kicking my ass a bit. The sex parts are fun to plot though. hehehe. I’m hoping to get that finished up next week and maybe get a few people to look at it for me so I can get rolling on ADIF without any other interruptions except edits here and there.

It’s nice to make some writing progress. Finally.