Okay….Back to work

I could have sworn I’d blogged last week beyond Wednesday, but guess not.

I think all of blog land was in holiday recovery or something. It was…quiet. Well except for lots of the typical snarky brouhahas here and there that always occur in blog land. *g*

Today I’m awaiting word from my Bantam editor about the proposal for my second Demon book. In the meantime I’m working on my story for the Ellora’s Cave hard cover anthology. Had to change directions on the story choice for that one because my first choice just wasn’t working for me. This one’s rolling along nicely. Hope to finish that this week.

I have a chat at The Knight Agency this Thursday! I’ll post more on that later this week, but I hope everyone joins me so I’m not sitting in the chat room alone and looking unpopular…lol

So what’s on your to do list this week?