Chat This Week And Other Things

So I’m up on The Knight Agency Blog. Go look. I have a new picture up-make fun of it. Post funny things about me so I don’t look unpopular. *g*

I’m chatting at The Knight Agency castroom this Thursday, June 8th, from 9-10 p.m. Eastern time. Please join me. I’m sure I’ll be witty and entertaining. No, really I will. Or I’ll invite other people who’ll be witty and entertaining(makes note to contact Gena and Diana *g*).

On a good news front, heard from my editor at Bantam yesterday and she approved the proposal for the second Demon Hunters book! Yayyy! So we’re good to go on that. Except for the title. And let me tell you, coming up with a title for this book is suck city. I’ve suggested. She’s shot them down one by one like those swimming ducks in the rifle booth at the fair – bang! bang! bang! Anyone who feels like title brainstorming, contact me, cuz the well is dry here. And I can’t write this book until I title it….it’s a mental thing.

But I promise to be witty and entertaining on Thursday 😉