After the long Memorial Day weekend, it’s time to catch up.

Yes I know I should have done that yesterday, but I spent 5 freakin hours dicking around with my satellite ISP people, who are morons. I can’t send emails with attachments. But only here at home. At work when I’m on DSL, I can send attachments. The satellite people tell me it’s the email provider’s fault. Um, no, obviously it isn’t since when I’m at work and on DSL I can send fine. We went round and round. And English is not their first language. Imagine rapid rise in blood pressure. Then they tell me they want to speed test my line. Well they can’t get into my system so they want ME to get something called a NIC card from my satellite provider, whatever that is. Hell-lo….aren’t THEY my satellite provider? I just don’t think they want to solve my problem.

Gah! And I’m locked into a contract with these %@#@% idiots. Hate them, hate them, hate them. Am currently accepting bids on any and all curses to send their way. And no, my problem is not solved.

Though I did have a short window of opportunity yesterday where I could actually attach my proposal for the second Demon book to Bantam and shoot that baby off to my editor. Yes! Another project completed and off my desk. That’s two projects in two weeks that are finished, since I also shipped off WWW to Berkley last week. Damn it feels good to FINISH a few things.

Now I need to write an EC contracted story for the Hardcover anthology. But there’s a werewolf story I want to write for EC too. Hmmmm. And I need to start plotting my second Berkley book. No ideas brewing on that one yet. Think, think, think.

Number 2 son flying here from California in 2 weeks to spend a couple weeks with us. Sooo excited to see him! Finished up his reservations last night.

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