Gena Showalter’s “Enslave Me Sweetly”

Isn’t that just the hottest, sexiest cover?

I was lucky enough to score an ARC of this book, which is releasing right now. (Okay, I browbeat Gena into handing it over. I whine a lot. She gave in. *g*).

It’s fabulous! The heroine is one kickass babe, the hero is lucious (hehehe) and lickable, the action is nonstop and I couldn’t put the book down. Action, adventure, hot sex and sizzling chemistry between the characters means Enslave Me Sweetly has everything I love in a book. Set in the same futuristic society as her first book in this series, Awaken Me Darkly, the book stands alone and AMD doesn’t have to be read first to enjoy Enslave Me Sweetly. But since I also loved Awaken Me Darkly, I recommend you read that one too if you haven’t.

On sale right now at Amazon and other bookstores! I highly recommend it!