The “Official” Cocktail of Surviving Demon Island

The Bloody Demon From Hell :

1 oz Jameson® Irish whiskey
1 oz Captain Morgan® Silver spiced rum
1 oz Jim Beam® bourbon whiskey
1 oz Bacardi® gold rum
2 oz tomato juice
2 oz Worcestershire sauce
1 oz hot pepper sauce

Combine all ingredients in a large glass. Garnish with a radish or a celery stick, and serve.

Yowza! Now there’s a drink to kill a demon! hehehe

Here’s the link to the site where I found this drink recipe. This site is NOT for the faint of heart and contains some seriously sick, twisted and major x-rated recipes. You have been warned. But I laughed so hard at some of the names I damn near couldn’t breathe. You have to hunt around for some of the weird stuff, but believe me, it’s there. I could spent hours at that site.