Letting Go Of Things We Love

I know Diana has discussed this subject before, and quite brilliantly, I might add. With utter professionalism.

I’m just going to flat out whine about it *g*

After my second round of revisions on Surviving Demon Island, I came to the realization that the only way to do justice to the revisions was to rewrite the book (see previous whineage about that topic).

So I’m halfway through the rewrite and I’ve accepted the fact that all my pretty little prose in the first version isn’t going into the second version, because I’ve sufficiently altered the plotline so that nothing in version 1 will fit in version 2.

My precioussssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


*moment of silence*

*wibbling bottom lip*

*utter dejected sigh*

There are several delightful scenes in version 1. Scenes I LOVE. Scenes that aren’t going to be in version 2. Witty dialogue. Sexual tension. Stellar prose.


I’ve even tried cutting and pasting and rewording certain scenes. Yeah, I might get it to work here and there, but frankly, it stalls me and slows the pacing of the story. I think I can fix the end and include some of that, but that part wasn’t what I’m going to miss, anyway.


Granted, there’s a lot of version 1 that’s pure and utter C-R-A-P. Hence the rewrite. But there’s some great stuff in there, too.

Stuff that will die a painful and lonely death in the delete file.

In the end, I know it’s for the best. The logical part of me knows this. The emotional part is having a tough time letting go.

Mourn with me, y’all.

Mourn with me.