Conversations With The Heroine

Gina: Do you hate me?

Me: Of course not. I adore you. Why?

Gina: You’re giving me this really icky nightmare that’s dredging up horrors from my past.

Me: (grinning) I know. Isn’t it great?

Gina: (scowling). No. I don’t like it. Stop it.

Me: It’s great angst. Emotionally driven. Besides, you’re going to wake up and Derek will comfort you.

Gina: Comfort shmumfort. You’re really pissing me off. I don’t need this right now. I’m coming off a really traumatic day.

Me: You’re also coming off a night of stellar sex. Want me to delete that?

Gina: (glaring). No.

Me: Then go back to sleep and let me keep writing.

Gina: I hate you.

Me: No you don’t. I’m building your character. You’ll come out of this book stronger.

Gina: I hope you have nightmares tonight.

Me: Whiner

Gina: Diva

Derek: Could we move this plotline along? This emotional shit is fine and all, but I’d like more sex.

Me & Gina: Butt out!