No Longer “LOST”

The new season of LOST premieres tonight. I can’t wait. I loved last season, sat riveted to my couch (not that it’s that difficult for me to become one with my sofa *g*) every Wednesday night, glaring at the phone or any human who dared interrupt that one hour of total bliss.

Why? One word – Characterization.

Okay, tons of hunky man meat didn’t hurt either. But as a writer, I ate up the characterization in this series. If you missed it, buy the first season DVD because you – seriously – missed – it. Vivid characterization, no good guys or bad guys in black and white. Everyone is shades of gray. (Or is it grey? Somebody please tell me which is right cuz I never know). It’s a fabulous study of characters for a writer and I simply can’t get enough of it. And it’s a fabulous mystery and just enough spook-factor to give me the shivers and keep me guessing.

Love me some LOST. Gimme gimme gimme. Pop the popcorn, turn off the telephone, put the kids to bed and turn it on.

Oh, and enjoy the hunky man meat, too. Cuz there’s plenty of that. 😉