When Bugs Attack and Give You Plot Ideas

I get plotline ideas in the weirdest ways.

I got one last week while taking a shower, though it had nothing to do with showering. Probably because in the shower I’m not thinking about anything, and I’m always thinking about something. I got a YA book idea. No, I don’t have time to write a YA novel, but it was a really cool horror idea so I got out of the shower and quickly jotted it down in a MS Word file and filed it away in the ‘plotlines’ folder.

Yesterday I got bit by a mosquito. Or a spider. Not sure which one. Anyway, on my upper arm between the bicep and elbow. Swelled up to about dime sized. By last night it was REALLY swollen. This morning it’s big and red and hot and the size of a tennis ball.

Which of course immediately gives me plotline ideas. And yes, my plotline ideas HAVE been a bit off the wall lately. But hey, I sold DEMON ISLAND which I thought was really strange, so who knows what really sells these days. So off to jot down this idea and save it in the plotline folder.

Sometimes I fear the well has run dry and I’ll never get another plot idea again. Then other times I’m deluged with them and they come from the oddest places.

Now how I’m going to turn these bizarre plot ideas into romances, I have no clue. I’ll figure that out later.

I had one the other day about rats and a plague, but I’ll spare you the details…..