MIDNIGHT VELVET is now out in print!

I’m very excited to announce that MIDNIGHT VELVET is now available in print at Borders, Waldenbooks and any online bookstore!


NCA Intelligence analyst Nevada James, code name Velvet, has just been given the opportunity of her dreams. She’s about to enter the NCA field agent training program. But a chance encounter with sexy field agent Midnight turns her world upside down, putting her life and her heart in danger. She doesn’t want to think hot, passionate thoughts about her superior officer, but she’s unable to control her body’s desires where Tyler is concerned.

The mission is everything to NCA agent Tyler Call, code name Midnight. Nothing stands in the way of getting the job done. But when Nevada ends up under his protection and he’s charged with supervising her field training, he knows the mission and his goals are in trouble. How can he concentrate on work when sultry Velvet tantalizes him every waking moment of the day?

They’re stuck with each other, running for their lives as a traitor tries to kill them. Passion and danger explode, forcing a moment of truth neither are ready to face.



This is great erotic suspense! Burton does an excellent job of marrying the plot with the intense sexual tension between Nevada and Tyler. As they run from whomever is after them, they race toward each other at breakneck speed. The love and lust between them is palpable and the love scenes and action are hot ! Stephanie Schneider


Cops and Robbers is one of the classic games we all play as kids and one of the classic sexy plot lines that appear in romance novels. Ms. Burton takes the old formula and adds new kick in Midnight Velvet. Not the same old thing with a helpless damsel in distress and a knight in shining armor type swooping to the rescue. It is endearing for both the main characters to be extremely strong and still very vulnerable. The electricity between Tyler and Nevada is tangible and amazing. I love the way tensions of all kinds built to explosion and kept me so interested I finished this little diamond in a single setting. ~ by Keely