The “I Hate My Book” Stage

Okay, I’ve reached the official “I hate my book” stage. Nearing the end, the post-sex, have to hit the black moment, barreling down the highway of dark moment land but it’s not quite there yet portion and I’m sick to death of the plot, the characters and I’m ready for it to be over already!

Of course it doesn’t help that the menage scene lasted too damn long!

Harlee: You’re just jealous that I had great sex.

Me: Well get real, woman. I gave you a vamp and a werewolf and you took advantage.

Harlee: You made me wait too long for it. I made up for lost time.

Me: Three freakin chapters of it!

Harlee: *Preening*

Me: Hmph. Bet you can’t sit today either.

Harlee: I’m managing. *rubs bottom*

Me: *grumbling* slut

Harlee: Whiner

Me: I could alter the plot and kill you off, you know.

Harlee: What? Death by multiple-orgasm? Ahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Me: I really hate this heroine