Ding Dong The Bitch Is Dead!

Okay, so she isn’t really dead, but the book is finished and that means she’s as good as dead! Yes, that evil slut has finally gotten her way and Out of the Darkness has reached an end. Gawd, that was a tough book to write! Probably because it’s summer, we’re busy at work, I’m simultaneously working on proposals, and this book was co-written with my husband (who is no doubt muttering Poe dialogue in the background….nevermore,nevermore,nevermore *g*).

And of course the aforementioned “my heroine is a difficult slut” issue.

But it’s finished, a few tweaks here and there and it’s on to my editor’s desk. Now I can concentrate on getting that proposal finished for my agent, who probably thinks I’ve totally forgotten about it (believe me, I haven’t.) Hopefully by the time D gets back from vacation that’ll be sitting on her desk.

Then it’s on to working on my presentation for RWA (me? prepared? nevah *snicker*)

But at least the slut is out of my head for now.

Harlee: You forget that Annmarie is waiting for you to write the sequel to OUT OF THE DARKNESS. You think I’m a vicious slut, you just wait ’til she starts clamoring for HER story!


tequila anyone?