Character Conversation

I’m writing a vampire/werewolf menage story. Nothing like two testosterone filled alpha males vying over the same woman.

“What about blood?” Harlee asked. “Legend says you need it to survive.”

Adrian nodded. “That’s true to a certain extent. We eat food, just as you do. But we drink blood to heighten our senses and increase our strength.”

“Human blood.” Harlee fought back a shudder. How could she possibly be a hybrid of both species when the very thought of drinking blood or tearing flesh from bone made her nauseous?

“Not necessarily. While it’s true that the blood of a human is the richest and enhances our powers the most, any blood will do, other than lycan blood. Lycan blood makes us sick,” he finished with a direct look at Duncan.

Duncan shrugged. “Good thing, too. There’d have been massacre otherwise. It’s to your advantage that vampire hides are tougher than buffalo and taste like burned leather. Otherwise the lycans would have obliterated your species centuries ago.”

“Kiss my ass, lycan,” Adrian said

“Up yours,” Duncan replied.

Then they grinned at each other. Harlee rolled her eyes at both of them, wondering if testosterone was universal for all species. It had to be, since it appeared to be the key to men acting like idiots.