The “Bitch” is Back

Yeah, I’m back on topic about erotic romance versus ‘regular’ romance again. The Smart Bitches (I just adore the bitches *g*) were conversationing about this article

So I’m just going to C&P my post here.

The thing that really pisses me off about the naysayers is that first, they obviously have never read an erotic romance (which, btw, has nothing to do with erotica), and second, they seem to be afraid of it. And those that read hot romance and don’t like it…fine. I don’t read your namby pamby fluff that builds sexual tension and then leaves me hanging. But I don’t bitch all over hell and creation about it either.

I stopped apologizing long ago for what I write. I’m damn proud that I use all the correct terms (because honestly…manhood and love channel make me want to hurl *g*) but I still write an emotional love story with a HEA. I write ROMANCE, dammit.

To each his own. I just wish some of them would grab a freakin clue or just leave my universe cuz it screws with my happy place

Jaci…cranky bitch…hey can I get a title like that? Maybe I should change my blog title..hehehe