Deadlines are my friends

I love deadlines. As long as someone else gives them to me. For some reason I have no self-discipline where deadlines are concerned. I can’t set up page goals for myself, or say I have to produce so many words per day or so many pages per day.

But if my editor or publisher gives me a deadline? Oh yeah, baby, these fingers get crankin’. Maybe it’s the challenge of “you have to finish this and turn it in by X date” that drives me. Maybe I’m just competitive enough to need those kind of challenges in order to produce more effectively. I have never, ever missed a deadline on a book.

But I can’t seem to do that on my own. (My publisher is no longer giving me deadlines…clearly they don’t know me well enough…hehehe) I end up flailing around (and cruising the internet instead…bad me *g*).

Help me Obi-Wan…give me a deadline! 😉

Jaci…who’s going to write some amount of pages and word count today…but has no official deadline.