Weighing In On The Important Things

Well I’ve surfed blogdom this week and found some fascinating subjects, like reviewers and html and prettying up blogland pages and the like. And I really should state my opinion on several subjects I found quite fascinating.

But I want to talk about something vitally important to my well-being:


I went to the mall tonight, armed with my $10 Victoria’s Secret birthday coupon (gotta love THAT! How did they know my birthday was next week? *g*). Bought 5 pairs of panties and the cutest pair of pink pajama bottoms with white polka dots in a lightweight cotton, anticipating spring, of course.

Then I went to Wet Seal (does it matter than I’m in my forties and shopping at the same stores as my 15 year old stepdaughter? I didn’t think so either *snicker*) and bought a little purple skirt that I intend to wear to the Ellora’s Cave fantasy party at the Romantic Times conference in April. Providing I get my legs in shape by then. And muster up the courage to wear the costume I want to wear.

All in all, quite a satisfying evening. Highlight of my week, actually. After spending 5 days sick with the flu, I needed this little excursion that had nothing to do with work or writing.

Like I said…the important things. Sometimes a shift in priorities is all one needs to perk right up.