The Aftermath of Finishing A Book….

aka…..the editing process.

Now we’re not talking the edits from the publisher here. We’re talking the “I’ve written the first draft and it’s crap” kind of edits.

So my euphoria at finishing my book the other day ended when I realized I now had to go back and edit the book.

I love creating new work.

I hate editing it.

Why am I not perfect to start with? I’ve heard of other authors who say their first draft is the only draft they write of the book. Clearly a phenomena I’m unfamiliar with.

I get the basics down just fine. But I also have body part choregraphy issues (i.e. back breasts and 3 arms in the sex scenes), a tendency to be redudant with certain words (senses..that was the word for this book…senses…I’m almost afraid to do a search and see how many times I used that word in one book), and I love to be inconsistent (the heroine had blue eyes in chapter one and the darn things turned brown by chapter ten…don’t ask me how that happened…they’re not MY eyes!)

Which means close and careful editing. And it’s just not fun. My muse is already pummeling me with ideas for the next book….SHE doesn’t want to spend time editing.

Then again, I think the muse may be onto something. Perhaps I should listen to her. 😉