Opinions Are Like A……

Well, you know the saying.

I’ve been reading a couple weeks worth of blogging by various authors about erotic romance. Some for, some against.

Figured it was time I stuck my .02 cents in there.

I write erotic romance. I write deeply emotional stories that just happen to contain explicit, no-holds-barred, give it to me baby cuz I like it kind of sex.

I never have and never will attempt to hide or make apologies for what I write, or the graphic nature of my books. I write the way I feel real sex should be portrayed. There are going to be people who love what I write, and there are going to be people who loathe what I write and use every possible name in the book to call me a sinner and immoral.

Am I bothered by that? Not really. If I let the naysayers and those who think explicit sex is immoral bother me, then I shouldn’t be writing what I write. If I fear being labeled, then I shouldn’t be a writer. Every writer is labeled in some form or another. For every ten people who love what we write, another ten will stand on their soapboxes with a hundred different reasons why what we write is wrong.

My opinion is that with the proliferation of erotic romance by many publishers, readers are being offered a brand new genre, and many are loving it. With that being said, there are an equal number of writers and readers who will rail to the masses about what’s WRONG with these books and why they shouldn’t read them. It’s their opinion and their right to speak it.

It’s all publicity to me. I don’t mind it, I don’t fear it, I celebrate anyone with an opinion because I will take the liberty of exercising my right of free speech the same as they do. While they are blasting erotic romance and all it stands for, I’ll be on my soapbox celebrating freedom of expression and women who know exactly what they want and go after it.

Progress isn’t always pretty. But it’s always progressive.

Erotic romance writers aren’t going away. The naysayers might as well get used to it. And keep on complaining. It’s good for business. 😉