Plot vs Sex..aka Writing Not For The Squeamish

It took me all freaking day to write a chapter of sex.

Do I write too much sex? Are my sex scenes too long? Is there too much introspection between the characters?

Argh! Plot is so much easier to write, at least for me. Yada yada dialogue, yada yada moving from point A to point B, yada yada more dialogue, yada yada buildup to moresex. Easy, right? Then we get to the sex scene and there’s allll this choreography and is Peg A really going into Slot B (or Slot C), or will this just be a little oral fun instead? And how will this whole sex thing change the relationship between the characters, and what happens after the sex? Oy…it’s like I’M having sex with the characters and worried about whether they’ll respect me in the morning!

And let’s not even talk about the whole body parts thing and making sure the heroine doesn’t have breasts on her back (unless she’s an alien, of course) or whether the hero has 3 hands (can be useful, though).

I love writing sex. I wrote an entire chapter of sex today, and it made me hot, hot, hot! So I guess that’s a good enough gauge whether it’s working or not.

Though the next chapter is moresex, so I don’t even get a break. *groan*

Oh, the suffering I do for my craft 😉