Mundane Monnnnndayyyyyyyyy

Okay, now I’ll have the Mamas and Papas in my head the rest of the night. Who can I blame for that?

Typical Monday. Though Charlie and I are usually off on Mondays, we had to work today. So I was up at 5:30 (but I DID sleep last nite!) and at work by 7. Did a little writing on werewolf BDSM book (don’t ask…it’s just too bizarre that I’m writing werewolf BDSM), did a little critiquing for Mel (red pen…..bwahahahahahahahahaaha!!!!) and even managed to eek out a little work while at the office *g*

Then went to Wal Mart where Charlie said I got hit on by a 78 year old man (In about 30 years that might impress me). Truly, I was just smiling and he was friendly. Reminded me of my dad. I think Charlie’s a dirty old man. Well, most people think Charlie’s a dirty old man. Must be why I love him so much.

Then I had to write the last chapter of a Round Robin we had going in my Yahoo chat group. We started this thing in…ohhhh, November, I think. There were 15 participants, and it was lots of fun to read the different twists and turns in the story.

Which left only my part to write….The End. I was a bit delayed in doing the final chapter because I sort of….forgot. I either need more brain cells or a secretary. As soon as the rest of the world figures out how important I am, I’m sure the secretary part will take care of itself, right?

The ever delusional….Jaci