Overkill….Or When Does A Writer Become Rote, Repetitive and Boring

Interesting discussion going on in my chat group today.

It’s about famous writers whose earlier work was dynamic and fresh, but who seem to have lost the edge somewhere along the way. I think we’ve all read authors we loved for years, only to discover that their later books are dull, boring and we have a hard time getting through them.

I shudder at the thought I could someday become one of those kinds of writers.

I’ve written over 20 books for Ellora’s cave in less than 2 years (ignore the “Are you freakin’ insane?” factor here for a minute *g*). One of the things that scares me most is becoming boring and repetitive…losing my ‘edge’ as a writer.

I think that’s why I dabble in multiple genres, so that I don’t get bored writing. Because if I get bored, the readers will be too. So if i play in paranormal for awhile, I’ll switch to futuristic, or contemporary or fantasy next. So far it’s working, I think. No reviewer or reader has commented about my books being boring or repetitive. Yet.

Great. Something new to have nightmares, insecurities and insomnia about *g*