Jammie Day

I love jammie days. It’s nearly 7 p.m. here and I’m still in my pajamas. Lime green flannel peppered with orange tigers. They go quite well with my tigger slippers, I must say. No doubt turning my husband on tremendously too 😉

Of course I was incredibly non-productive today. Been having a bout of insomnia this week and then started those night cough attacks 2 nights ago. Oh joy. Like I need another reason not to sleep. But the naps today were delightful and more than a little decadent, so it’s fair tradeoff.

Though my muse was in a mood to write. Figured she and I can’t even get in sync, which meant I was too tired to give the muse what she wanted. Then again, I owe her for toying with me the past month and making me start 3 different books. But that’s a whole other day’s topic.