What’s Your Dream Anthology?

A couple weeks ago Dear Author posted a few of my favorite authors has signed on to do an anthology together. (Congrats again, Nalini, Meljean and Ilona!). Then they asked what would be your dream anthology to read…in other words, what authors would you like to see together in one book?

We had some fun that day. As a writer, I of course had to put myself in the mix, and decided I’d love to be in any book with Nora (what writer wouldn’t? :giggle: ). I think a romantic suspense anthology with Nora Roberts, Linda Howard and Allison Brennan would be great! As long as I could be in it too. Heh. (Hey, I always dream big. Nothing wrong with that, right?)

And I’d love to do a paranormal anthology with Meljean Brook, Nalini Singh, Lara Adrian, Gena Showalter, Sydney Croft, JR Ward, Jackie Kessler, Richelle Mead….hmmm, this list could get really long.

I’ve always wanted to do another anthology with my friend Lora Leigh. But her schedule and mine haven’t meshed well enough to figure out how to do that yet. We did one together several years ago when we were both writing for Ellora’s Cave. I’d love to do one with her again someday. We frequently talk about it still. Maybe we’lll figure out how to get our schedules in sync so it could happen. I’d also love to do a hot and sexy anthology with HelenKay Dimon, Julie Leto, Carly Phillips, Janelle Denison, Leslie Kelley, Allison Kent, Jill Monroe…well that list could go on and on…

And of course one of these days my BB’s Melani Blazer, Mandy Roth, Shannon Stacey and I will write that anthology about the silver shovel. :shovel: (Really….don’t ask)

I’m such a huge fan of so many authors. Being in the same book with them would be an honor. I really do love anthologies as a reader, too. They give me a chance to read new authors I haven’t read yet, along with some of my favorites. I’ve found a lot of new authors this way and fallen in love with their writing.

So what’s your dream anthology? Who would you love to see partner up in one book for your reader enjoyment?

10 thoughts on “What’s Your Dream Anthology?

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    Jill Monroe says:

    Silver Shovel? Now I have to ask!!

    Thanks for including me on your anthology list – it would rock!

  2. 2
    azteclady says:

    Well… I am “short story impaired”–meaning that if left to me, all books would be 350 pages or more *cheeky grin* So anthologies are rarely my cuppa.

    However… there are anthologies I would buy in a heartbeat just ’cause one or two names–if I could choose the four or five? wow… *thud* *faint*

  3. 3

    Thank you! So, who do we talk to about getting these anthologies started… :sasmokin:

  4. 4
  5. 5
    Maggie says:

    Got a minute…..

    I have several dream anthologies since if I combined them all it would be one big anthologie 😉

    Paranormal Romance:
    Lara Adrian, Alyssa Day, Gena Showalter, Jennifer Ashley, Nalini Singh, Kathryn Smith

    C.L.Wilson, Jean Johnson, Linda Winstead Jones, Cheyenne McCray

    Cherry Adair, Cindy Gerard, Suzanne Brockmann, Lora Leigh, Shannon McKenna

    Stephanie Laurens, Jillian Hunter, Sally MacKenzie, Anna Campbell, Lisa Kleypas, Gaelen Foley, Elizabeth Hoyt

    Monica McCarty, Kinley MacGregor, Kresley Cole

    Carly Phillips, Susan Elisabeth Phillips, Sheridon Smythe, Gena Showalter

    Shayla Black, Jaci Burton, Sasha White, Susan Lyons, Allyson James, Lora Leigh, Lacey Alexander, Kate Douglas, Kathleen Dante…

  6. 6
    Jaci says:

    HelenKay – i dunno…your agent and mine? :devil:

    Maggie – now those are some rockin combo’s! :boobie:

  7. 7
    Cathy M says:

    Great list, Maggie. And Jaci, I have Primal Heat on my keeper shelf, that was a great anthology.

  8. 8
    Greta Wheeler says:

    Okay my dream anthology – would have to have shape-shifters particularly werewolves and it would have to be you, Maya Banks, and Lauren Dane.

    All three of you write for Samhain and you’ve all written stories of werewolves.


  9. 9
    N.J. Walters says:

    It’s harder to narrow it down then I thought it would be. I keep thinking of authors. LOL

    JR Ward, Jacqueline Frank, Christine Feehan and Sherrilyn Kenyon–Paranormal Anthology

    That would be one smokin’ combination.

  10. 10
    Christine says:

    I was totally stoked over that anthology announcement, too! Meljean & Nalini in the same book? Woot!

    These are my anthology wish lists based on authors I am familiar with. But part of the appeal of anthologies is getting to know some authors whose work I am unfamiliar with… so if an anthology includes two of my fave authors, I’m thrilled!

    Paranormal: Meljean Brook, Nalini Singh, Kresely Cole, Lara Adrian, JR Ward

    Urban Fantasy: Jeaniene Frost, Kathryn Smith, Vicki Pettersson, Patricia Briggs

    Futuristic Romance: Ann Aguirre, Eve Kenin, Linnea Sinclair, …

    Romantic Suspense: Jaci Burton, JD Robb, ….

    I need to read more romantic suspense. It’s fairly new to me, but I love it!

    Christine’s last blog post..Jack Johnson ROCKS the Billboards

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