The 70 Days of Sweat Writing Challenge Starts Today!

Today is the first day of the 70 Days of Sweat Writing Challenge?

Did you sign up? If not, you still can. Click here. There are over 200 writers signed up for this challenge. We’re all going to suffer together. Sounds fun, huh?

The kickoff post is here, along with all the rules and when you have to check in.

I love this challenge. This is round 3 and I have participated each time. It really helps me reach my writing goal. There’s something about saying you’re going to do something, and then being accountable, that makes it more real. Of course I’m contracted and have to meet my deadlines whether I want to or not (believe me, sometimes it’s not), but still, knowing there are other writers out there doing the same thing I’m doing at the exact same time somehow makes it easier. We’re not really alone in this, though sometimes it seems that way.

I actually started my own internal challenge in mid-February. I set my goal of 2000 words a day and so far I’ve hit it almost every day–I missed the goal two days this week, so I’ll making up my word count by working over the weekend. I try to take weekends off, but I take my goals seriously, so since I didn’t hit my word count goal for the week (10K per week), I’ll be hitting the writing this weekend.)

Now that the writing challenge has begun, (please note Sven on the sidebar….scary isn’t he?) I’m thinking of increasing my daily word count goal. I like to push myself, and frankly I know I can do more.

For all you writers out there, do you challenge yourself? Have you joined the 70 Day Writing Challenge? Do you motivate yourself by joining groups, or do you go it alone?

Off to meet my word count goal for the week, so I can have the rest of my weekend free.