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Face Time

I got the new iPhone4 the week it came out. And I have to say I absolutely love it. I’m not a big technology freak, and don’t really care about all the bells and whistles on the new phone. And as far as the antenna fuss that everyone is complaining about…yeah, I’m not having a problem at all.

But the feature on the iPhone 4 that’s rocking my world? Face Time . Face Time is Apple’s new video calling feature, where you can see who you’re talking to on the phone.

Both my kids now live in California, since #1 son packed his family and my granddaughters and moved them back to California last month (sob sob cry cry). And #2 son has lived out there since he graduated from college, which means I only get to see #2 son once a year when he comes out here to visit in the summer (he teaches high school so he usually visits here in the summer). But this year #2 son bought a house so he won’t be coming out here to visit. However, he did buy an iPhone4, and he and I have been playing a lot on Face Time. To be able to see him has been nothing short of majorawesome! He even took me on a tour of his new house via Face Time via the iPhone’s dual camera feature. (Note: I am not a spokeperson for Apple or AT&T. I don’t work for them nor do they give me any money or kickbacks. I just dig the new phone). We’ll talk and look at each other and laugh and it’s like he’s right in the room with me. It’s an amazing thing for a mom who misses her kid.

And my daughter in law’s parents also have the new iPhone, so whenever they’re over at her mom’s house I get to see #1 son and my daughter in law and my grandbabies!

Truly an awesome, Star Trekky kind of invention.

Thanks Apple! :glee: