The Ties That Bind Releases!


THE TIES THAT BIND digital novella is now available! *

Sixteen years is a long time to carry a torch for an ex-husband, but Lisa has been through a lot with Rick, including a rocky marriage, a divorce, raising a daughter together, and developing a solid friendship with him in the wake of it all. But she has to admit—to this day, no other man has ever been able to replace him in her fantasies.

Lisa’s not alone in her desires. Rick has not only wanted to reignite the flame that he and Lisa once had together, but maybe even throw a few new kinks into the fire. On a tropical island getaway, they plan to test the waters—which means risking a hard won friendship for something more. For something wild. For something that could totally be worth the risk.

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*Please Note that THE TIES THAT BIND was previously released in the print book, UNLACED