Spring Stuff!!

I’m on deadline, so I’m afraid I have nothing interesting to say. But I have pictures of spring springing at my house!

My peonies are just getting ready to open. Another few days should do it, I think.

I love my clematis this year. It’s already blooming and oh so pretty, don’t you think?

But one of the sweetest things about our Clematis is the robin’s nest in the middle of it. Mama Robin let me get close enough to snap a shot of her this morning. Isn’t she adorable and fierce looking?

There are also birds nesting in the undercarriage of our old Jeep, but I’m not crawling under there to snap a picture. Still, they’re very adorable, even if we do have to park the Jeep until the babies fly away. *sigh* The things we do for new life around here. 😉

I’d take photos of the vegetable garden, but not much to show yet since we just planted everything a week ago. Hopefully it won’t be a horrible summer like last summer where it was a million degrees and everything shriveled up and died. Except my jalapeños, which apparently thrive at a million degrees.

How are your trees and shrubs and flowers doing?