This That and Some News

First things first, some awesome news. I’m going to be writing three more books in the Play by Play series for Berkley Heat! I’m so excited about this, and hope you are, too. So books, 6, 7 and 8 in the series will be coming up in the next few years. I have no idea what sports these will be about. Maybe I’ll run a poll 😉

The UNLEESHED Auction is live. Click here for the ebay link. I’ve also added another auction item, which should be coming up soon as they add more of the items to the list. I’ve added naming a character in one of my Play by Play books, so look for that.

I’m so thrilled that Amazon has listed TAKING A SHOT as one of their Editor’s Picks for March! I’m in the company of some amazing authors on that list, so it’s quite an honor.

Barnes and Noble has listed TAKING A SHOT as one of their must-reads for March, too! I’m so thrilled! My awesomely talented friend, Shannon Stacey, is also listed, with her great book, Yours To Keep, which is such an amazing romance.