I’m Exhausted

Aren’t weekends supposed to be for napping and lying around to recharge your batteries so when Monday rolls around you’re rested up and ready to go again?

Yeah, not so much at our house. We spend the entire weekend on the go from Friday night until Sunday night. I’m so fried and I would sell my soul for a nap right now.

But it was a fun weekend. We went to the casino (twice over the weekend), went shopping all over on Saturday (Biker Dude likely didn’t think this was so much fun..heh). I bought some clothes and shoes for the Romance Writer’s of America national conference I’ll be attending in New York City next week. This week I’ll be breaking in said new shoes, so picture me in semi heels, a tank top and worn out capri pants (there’s a visual for you).

Yesterday being Father’s Day, we met our daughter in the morning for breakfast, then spent the day and part of the night at the casino. We do spent a lot of time there. But hey, we figure if we spent the entire day there, we were winning, right? Can’t say we brought all those winnings home with us though. 😉

When we got home we watched the season finales of Game of Thrones and The Killing. Game of Thrones was amazing. I can’t recommend this series highly enough. It was so much better than I thought it would be. Superb acting all around, and the scenery? Breathtaking. The Killing was good, too, though the ending? Not sure what I think about it. Kind of anticlimactic with a sprinkling of WTF? tossed in.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, and that you started your Monday off great. I’m hoping to get my daily word count in soon so I can take that desperately needed nap.