Oh, Woe is My Garden

I did a vegetable garden last year, and oh was it full of awesome. We had an early warm, wet spring, and rich soil, and we had a yield that was nothing short of awesome.

Right now my garden looks like this:

Spring has been dry as old bones. And cold. Biker Dude has been traveling, and to say we’re not yet prepared to plant is the understatement of the year. He built a second garden area last fall as you can see, so we (“we” meaning him, of course) need to bring in a truck load of top soil to fill in the new garden area). We have to dig out the dead junk from last year.

But the strawberries are already coming up. And onions. And my herbs. I’ll have to redistribute some of those. And I still haven’t decided yet what I’m going to plant this year. Tomatoes, of course. And potatoes. Probably green peppers. Not sure what else yet. Guess I need a plan, and in a hurry.

We have a ton of work ahead of us and planting time is like…now. Yikes.

Do you plant a vegetable garden? If so, is your planting time upon you, and what are you putting in this year?