Mother Of The Groom

#1 son is getting married this summer. So I’m having to spend some time finding ye olde Mother Of The Groom dress.


I haven’t actually gone to an actual store to find the actual dress yet. Because I’m lazy. And besides, I’d like to tone up my saggy arms and get rid of all the cellulite before I go into the store and put the dress on. So what have I been doing instead? Shopping on the internet, of course! Where it’s safe and no one can see me. Heh.

Anyway. Try Googling “Mother of the bride/groom dress”. Go ahead. I’ll wait. The images are frightening. I’m not in my 80’s and I’m not wearing those dresses. And the dresses I’ve found during my search are either for prom or Alexis Carrington of Dynasty (speaking of the 80’s). And since I’m not 17 nor going anywhere near shoulder pads ever again, both options are out.

I did find a designer I’ve fallen madly in love with, and the one dress I want really badly is not in my size in any store in the entire universe. Of course. Because that’s how it always happens, doesn’t it? But it’s only April and the wedding isn’t until July so I have plenty of time….(she says, in deep denial).

And hey, the longer I put it off the more buff my arms will be, right? Besides, I have galleys to work on. 😉