Giant Poster of THE PERFECT PLAY!

So I made a last ditch effort to gather votes in the first round of the DABWAHA. I was down by a ton of votes (because that Meljean Brook, she’s pretty amazing and a fierce competitor), and we pulled it off. We won! We won because you all are awesome and incredible!

So in the midst of the voting, I had to offer some incentive– I offered up my 3 foot poster of Mick.

You all know, Mick, right?

Mick wants to come live at your house. And I’m happy to let him go, because you all helped get me to Round 2. And I can’t thank you enough!!! It was an epic comeback, brought about by all of you (with the extraordinary help of Maya Banks and Larissa Ione, and my amazing Writeminded Group).

So if you want a chance to win this poster, enter by posting in the comments below. You can tell me anything. Like how late you stayed up past your bedtime voting? Or how much of a nail biter the DABWAHA is, or just tell me anything. Random commenting fine. I’m exhausted!

I’ll choose a winner on Friday evening.