And The Tease Continues…

So tomorrow, Jill Shalvis and I are going to do an awesome contest. But let me tell you how this all came about.

I met Jill for the first time last year at the Romance Writer’s of America (RWA) conference in Orlando. We were seated at a table together at a luncheon, but didn’t have much time to talk because we were doing a mentor thing with a few unpublished authors, which meant duty called. But I was a huge fangirl because I had mentioned in my favorite reads of 2010 blog post I had just discovered her books last year and had gobbled them all up. Sad that we didn’t really get to connect so I could stalk her like I really wanted to.

Then a few weeks ago Jill and I had a chance to connect via email. We were talking about our books releasing on the same day–her book Animal Magnetism and my book The Perfect Play. So we traded books, and of course I devoured Animal Magnetism, which was everything I’ve come to expect in a Jill Shalvis book–hot, sexy hero; smart, funny heroine, two lost souls who just belong together, and enough smoking hot chemistry to spontaneously combust every page of the book.

So Jill and I started trading emails back and forth. Poor Jill. In a week’s time she was forced to endure my entire life’s history. My kids, my dogs, my husband, writing, publishing, dust bunnies, junk food, the state of the union–every sordid detail. And she was very kind and replied to every email. I’m sure she was thinking I was some kind of desperate shut-in who needed a life and some friends. Yet she didn’t block my emails and continues to talk to me. Go figure.

So her kindness is to your benefit, because we concocted an awesome giveaway for tomorrow. You don’t want to miss it. Be there or be square. (Did I just say that? I did, didn’t I? I’m so not cool).

Oh, and here are the covers again. Because you just have to see them one more time.