Happy Veterans Day!


First off, Happy Veterans Day to all who are serving now and who have served. Thank you for protecting our country and putting your lives on the line to do it. Thank you to your families who waited behind while you went off to serve, and for the sacrifices they made.

Second, thank you to #1 son who served in the Marines. I’m so proud of you for deciding to take that road and change your life. It made you the man you are today. I love you.

And last but not least, Biker Dude served in the US Army in Vietnam and didn’t exactly come home to a hero’s welcome back then. Nor did he ask for anyone to honor or praise him for what he did over there. He did his time in the service because he wanted to, and asked for nothing in return. I love you, and I thank you for your service to our country. You are one of the most honorable men I know. You are and always will be my hero. :heart: