Oh, The Horror

I stayed up way late this weekend watching too many movies. Watched The Last Samurai again last night, not because I have mad love for Tom Cruise (I don’t) but because I think Ken Watanabe is brilliant in that movie.

But what I really want to talk about is the remake of the Halloween movies.

They suck. The original Halloween I and II? Can’t miss them and watch them every October. We watched the remake of Halloween II on Saturday night. What a waste of good sleep time that was. Lots of screamingscreeching for no good reason. How many nightmares was that chick going to have anyway? I turned it off 3/4 of the way though because it got on my nerves. Awful, horrible film. I need Halloween I and II with Jamie Lee Curtis pronto to cleanse my palate of that dreadful film.

I’m typically not a big fan of horror movies, and by that I mean I don’t like them at all. I hate them. I avoid them. They scare me. But the original Halloween movies? Love them. Go figure.

Though the SAW movies aren’t too bad. They’re more psychological than hey, let’s see how much blood and gore we can shove at you in 90 minutes, or how we can terrorize the characters and cut body parts off in interesting ways. Oh wait..maybe the SAW movies are like that. I don’t know, somehow they don’t scare me. If the movie doesn’t scare me I’m okay.

Halloween I and II don’t scare me. Probably because I’ve seen them 9362 times, so I know what’s coming. :giggle:

Biker Dude loves horror movies. I’m sure he’s very disappointed that I don’t watch them. I suppose he could watch them and I could shove earbuds in, listen to some soothing music and work on the laptop. That might work, as long as I’m not tempted to peek at the carnage on the tv.

What about you? Do you like horror movies? If you do, which movies are you favorites? If not, why? Do they the beejebus out of you like they do me?