There are a lot of creatures where we live, since we don’t live in a big city. I can walk out my door anytime of the day or night and find my yard filled with birds. We’ve had lots of bird nests on the property this year, so we’ve seen a lot of baby birds, too. We have these birds who drop their eggs on the grass (can’t remember what they’re called), so the babies just spring up and wander around on their spindly little legs like storks across my grass. the amusing thing about this is we have 5 dogs. Sometimes there are hundreds of birds in my back yard. You think the dogs chase them? Uh, no. They’re lazy and it’s hot and the birds know that the dogs don’t care. Heh.

I can sneak out the garage at night and find rabbits hopping around the yard. We’ve had a lot of rabbits this year, which makes me thankful we have fencing around the vegetable garden. It’s one of the nicest things about living rural. The last time we had a good rain there were crawdads doing the backstroke down my flooded driveway. Should have gotten video of that one. Heh.

The other day I hung out in the driveway and saw one of the neighborhood cats getting comfortable under a tree. Several birds weren’t having any of that because they have nests in that tree. They swooped down on the cat, squawking and flapping their wings right over the cat’s head. You’d think this would get the cat excited and make the cat want to attack the birds. Uh, no. The cat wanted no part of this so it moseyed on. Not satisifed the cat was leaving, the birds chased the cat clear across the yard, continuing to screech and dive bomb the kitty until the cat took off in a run and got the hell out of there. Amusing and oh so entertaining.

We had a (rare) cool night the other night so climbed on the bike just before dark to take a short ride (lord it’s hot here). Biker Dude took what we call the scary road home, a one lane with thick trees on either side that canopy the sky, isolating you completely. It’s awesome. While riding, a few deer jumped into the road up ahead so we slowed down and watched them leap the fence into the pasture on the other side. As we were watching them, three baby coyotes dashed into the road in front of us and tried to wriggle their way into a small hole on the other side of the road.

Was a good ride that night.

You never know what you might see out here.