Garden Update

How’s my garden project doing?

Pretty damn good, surprisingly.

Here it was when we first planted on April 10th:

And here it is today (notice the mini-lake behind the garden? It rained all freakin day yesterday and into last night. We’re having a very wet spring. Good for the garden and all our plants, flower & trees so I’m not complaining, but does it have to rain EVERY freaking weekend?)

These are my magic beans. :giggle: Actually they’re green beans that I planted from seed. I’m so excited to see them sprout!

And our potatoes have come up. Well, green stuff has come up. The potatoes, of course, are under the ground:

And the tomato plants (we have three different tomato plants. This is just one of them) seem to all be doing well:

As mentioned in my previous blog post, we have many other things planted. Onions and green peppers and cucumbers and strawberries, as well as a few herbs: Basil, oregano, mint, parsley, rosemary and chives.

Who knew that planting in rich organic soil and manure would help things grow so well? Less than a month in and so far, keeping fingers crossed, I haven’t killed anything yet.

How’s your garden doing?