Exercise and Weight Loss

Back about four years ago, Biker Dude and I were gym rats. We went every day and I was in killer good shape. So was he.

But then he suffered a shoulder injury, and then a knee injury. And then I got elbow tendonitis and hurt my shoulder. And then one thing led to another and we stopped going to the gym.

Big mistake. Big. Huge. (Do you know what movie that’s from? Answer at the end of the post) *

Over the years and a lot of hours spent sitting at my computer writing books, and a lot more hours spent with my ass parked in front of the television watching a hell of a lot of my favorite tv shows, I’ve gained weight. A sedentary lifestyle is not conducive to a buff body. Who knew? :giggle:

I haven’t weighed this much since I was pregnant with my kids. I mean like way pregnant with my kids. I don’t sleep well, my joints hurt. My back hurt. We’d been eating too much really craptastic food (oooh high fat food? Yes, I love it, thank you). Other than chocolate, which I can’t have anymore since I had to give up caffeine last year, there’s not a dessert I don’t love.

So anyway, I started getting flabby, jiggly parts. Ew. Don’t like those. At. All.

We bought a treadmill last winter that we’d pretty much ignored (they make great clothing racks). But we needed to get back in shape and just thinking about getting in shape doesn’t do much to get you there. Huh. Imagine that.

Finally I’d had enough. It was time to start exercising again.

So we have been. First few days on the treadmill my back was killing me. So were my knees. I thought…well, crap, I’m not going to be able to do this. But guess what? After the first few days my back stopped hurting. Turns out my back and knees were hurting because I wasn’t exercising. (Duh)

I also started working out to Jillian Michael’s (From The Biggest Loser) 30 Day Shred. Killer workout. Or kill me workout. Lifting weights too. I get bored easily with a workout so I need to mix it up. Every day I work out I get stronger and my endurance increases so I can do more and more.

I’m sleeping like the dead at night now. My stomach is flattening. I have energy again. And I’m losing weight. My clothes are looser. It’s all incentive to work out the next day. And the day after that.

I still hate exercise, but it does make me feel better, so I’ll kick my own ass and make myself do it because I have to. I don’t like the alternative. I hate feeling miserable.

We’re not really on a strict diet, but we’re not eating desserts and we’re cutting the heavy fat meals. But we do eat. We’re just eating sensibly. For example, Biker Dude cooked burgers on the grill yesterday. We ate them without a bun. Had cottage cheese instead of fries. I made a salad. When we ate at a buffet over the weekend, I had salmon and green beans. For dessert I went to the salad bar and filled up on fresh fruit instead of hitting the dessert bar. The fruit was awesome and very sweet. I’m not big on denial. I like food. You do have to fuel your body when you’re trying to lose weight, or your body will start eating muscle to fuel itself, which is bad. So you have to make sure to eat so you can burn fat.

So far so good.

Anyone else trying to lose weight out there? Always interested in what y’all are doing.

*Pretty Woman, one of my all time favorite movies